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RN. DNP applicant. Urban Farmer. Transparent Oracle. Mom to Many. Plantain Extractor. Dyslexic. Wife & widow to beautiful complicated men. What’s an identity anyway? Dreamer & idealist. Rule breaker. What box?! Sent here on a mission with guaranteed success. Short. Blunt. PC-Never.

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Client Rights

To be treated with dignity and respect

You shouldn’t have to tolerate bullying, threats, negative predictions about your future, insults, criticism, and negative judgments about your personality.You don’t have to take any sort of disrespect, nastiness, or verbal abuse.

To leave our agreement when you want

It’s always your call when you feel complete with my services (though legally binding agreements could possibly leave you on the hook to pay for a certain number of sessions).  The decision is yours and only yours. I maintain your free will interaction.

To have solutions tailored to your personality, values, and circumstances

You have a right to request from me that I create action plans and assignments that actually work for you the way you are.  If you’re not comfortable doing something I assign, that’s an indication that there’s a problem with the assignment, not that there’s something wrong with you. In my view, it’s usually unwise to force yourself to do assignments that don’t work for you.  Instead of struggling to complete an assignment that doesn’t work for you, you’re probably better off asking me to work with you to design an assignment that fits your personality, values, and circumstances.

To choose your own goals

My practice is solely dependant on your definitions for where you want to go.You have every right to decide your own goals.  All that matters is what you want, what you value, and the way you want your life to be.

Not to be pressured to give a testimonial, be a reference, or give referrals


You don’t have to share personal information with me until trust is built and you feel comfortable doing so. You have every right to disclose at your own pace when you’re comfortable sharing personal information with your coach.


What you say in session and communications is strictly confidential. IT is to be noted that I don’t have legal confidentiality protection, so if a judge calls me to testify, I’ll have to answer whatever questions I’m asked. I DO share client situations without identifying details when they’re being mentored, or when I’m in need of suggestions and advice from a screened individual that has also agreed to strict confidentiality. To be noted, as a Professional registered nurse in the state of Illinois I am a  mandatory reporting statutes. Statutes include child abuse and neglect reporting statutes, medical neglect of children and the elderly, elder abuse in the community or in nursing homes reporting laws, and domestic violence.


Terms, use, and refund policy

prIvate appointments

rescheduling policy

Once payment is made for booking a session, fees are 100% non-refundable, but session fees can be applied to an appointment at a later date if you need to reschedule. Each client receives one free rescheduling if the session is rescheduled prior to the 24 hour window before the call. To reschedule, you must do so prior to 24 hours before your session begins or your payment and one-time complimentary rescheduling will be forfeited.  To reschedule your session, simply send an email to If the session is canceled within the 24 hours before the scheduled start of your call, no refunds are available.

All sessions will begin promptly. If for some reason you are unable to answer the call at the time of your scheduled session, Diane asks that you reschedule your session for a future date. Complimentary one (1) time reschedule per session with purchase.

terms and conditions for private sessions

The readings and mentoring sessions provided by Diane are not a substitute for seeking professional medical care or assistance. Therefore, please do not replace the impressions given to you during your session with Diane for any advice that has been given to you by a medical professional. If you are in need of medical, health, psychological or psychiatric care, assistance or consultation, seek out a licensed medical professional for consultation. The information provided during our session is not medical advice and should not be used as a prescription for your medical needs; it is to be used as assistance on your journey of spiritual and personal growth.  National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

In booking a session with Diane, you must agree that you alone hold the power of decision-making and are totally and completely responsible for making decisions that affect your life following the completion of your session. You are aware that Diane makes every effort to give you accurate information, and you understand accept that some information received may not apply at this time, but could apply to future events.

You understand that Diane does not provide spiritual information for people without a direct request from the individual(s) seeking assistance.

By booking a session with Diane you agree and verify that you, the client:

1) have voluntarily decided to participate in this session and have requested a session on your own free will

2) are at least 18 years of age, and have not been declared incompetent

3) understand your session is not to be used as a substitute for any type of medical, health, psychological, psychiatric, or professional counseling, therapy or treatment

4) understand and agree that it is your responsibility to decide whether or not you require medical treatment and if you require such services to seek them on your own as needed

5) understand that your session may include information that does not seem to apply right now but could apply at a future date

6) by participating in the session, you accept complete responsibility for your own medical, health, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and bodily well-being

7) on behalf of yourself, your assigns, heirs, executors, guardians, and all other legal representatives, hereby release, discharge, waive, and forever relinquish Diane, including her employees, employers, and any other persons associated with Diane, from any and all known or unknown claims resulting from, arising out of or in any way connected with information you may or may not receive during your voluntary participation in a reading, coaching session or learning program with Diane. You further agree that under no circumstance(s) will you, or any other person associated with you as a result of your reading attempt to present any claims against, prosecute, sue, seek to attach any lien for any purpose including satisfaction of a judgment or other judicial decree, to the property of Diane, and you hereby waive all claims, demands, compensation, and all actions that you, anyone associated with you or any other participant in the reading currently or hereafter may have for any injuries or perceived injuries or perceived or real losses you may suffer or believe to suffer because of or during your participation or involvement in a reading, training session or learning program resulting from any actions, statements, answers to questions or omissions made by Diane.

8) understand and agree that in the event any claim for damages shall be brought or prosecuted against Diane or any persons associated with Diane as a result of your actions, omissions, or other act, that you and/or your estate shall indemnify and hold harmless Diane and all persons associated with Diane from any and all claims, actions or damages, legal and otherwise, made by you or anyone associated with you including the cost and expense associated with defending such actions or claims

9) understand that all information provided to you during your session is considered confidential and shall not be disclosed except as required by law

10) agree that Diane can use portions of any feedback sent to her after the session as a testimonial using first name only and state/country and without revealing any specific information about the session

11) agree that Diane can use portions of your session for articles on her website, without revealing any specific information about your session to sharing the universal message of empowerment and love

12) agree to receive occasional future emails from Diane in the form of a newsletter with special offers, news and other information

13) are accepting the terms of this agreement, disclaimer, and liability release, by your own free will while fully comprehending what you are doing and the result and consequences of your actions

14) have read this and fully understand this agreement, and understand that by booking a reading, coaching session or learning program with Diane represents signing, accepting and agreeing to all the conditions stated within this agreement and includes a release of all possible liability of Diane

Upon booking a reading, training session, learning program, eProduct or membership with  Diane, I waive any and all legal actions against Diane.

refund policy

classes, digital goods and e-courses:

All payments for class tuition, downloadable meditations, ebooks, and courses are 100% non-refundable once paid.

private appointments:

All payments and trades for readings, training sessions, and private one-on-one work with Diane are 100% non-refundable and 100% once paid. All Cash Trade value is forfeited once agreement has been made. Diane is not responsible to make up trade value difference of services that are agreed upon, unrendered within 6 months or rendered in partial or entirety.

Sessions paid for upon booking can be rescheduled.  Generally, sessions fees are forfeited and non-transferable to rescheduled dates when canceled within the 24 hour window before an individual session’s scheduled start time, but please contact Diane in any case.

All paid for traded, and donated one-time services such as readings, training sessions and related packages, must be fully redeemed within six months from the original transaction or both the session and the payment is forfeited.

And finally, in the case of private appointment work, Diane understands there are emergencies and will work with you as best she can in the event one does occur. Things happen to her too.

membership program:

There are no refunds on purchases of the one (1) month and three (3) month memberships.

If you need any assistance with your subscription, please contact us at and I will be happy to assist you.

third party sales:

Diane is not liable for any transaction that takes place on a third party site.

Shopify, Facebook, Instagram and Private/direct sales purchase:

All consumable products are 100% NON- refundable and 100%  NON- transferable. Refunds will be made at the discretion of the seller and no refund will be contestable based on these terms.

by browsing you accept and agree to these terms.

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